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Meet Our Team

Our Mission

Our mission at the Maritime Classic Foundation is to bring together a community of young professionals that the Maritime Academies produce, with the like minded and motivated people in this industry and the industries that surround it, for the better use of our boundless connections to improve the future of our people.



Maritime Classics
Maritime Classics



You will receive instant positive publicity and marketing to some of the most elite young men and women in the country. Strong ties to these academies ensures access to top talent and work ethic in the country. The ROI on your attendance and participation will be seen for years to come.



This is an opportunity to network, meet individuals in other companies, and drive positive and lasting relationships inside and outside the maritime industry. All the while, we will be helping young leaders who may not have the financial means to put the academy name behind them, it is our time to step up, give back, and keep the talent pipeline strong.

The Founders


Jake Nickerson is from Harwich, Massachusetts, Graduating in 2018 as an Emergency Management Major and the Senior Class President. Jake now works for Robert B. Our Co., Inc as the Dispatch Manager. Leadership and the qualities that make a leader has always been a perpetual goal of Jake’s. He believes that the network behind one, is one of those major qualities. A part of the reason that Jake believes so strongly in this Foundation is his passion for golf and the power it, and networking, can provide for all graduates of the Maritime Academies.


Robert Gross is from Tampa, Florida and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering. Robert was the captain of the football team during the 2017 season and earned All-Conference accolades during the 2016 season. Robert now works for Jerry Ulm JCDR as a service consultant in the fixed ops department where he leans on his background in engineering and mechanics regularly. His hobbies include anything high adrenaline such as motocross, mountain biking, snowboarding, and new to this year, skydiving. Robert is consistently the worst golfer on the course, having the most fun and enjoying the relationships the course can bring.


Zackery Reed is from Cape Cod Massachusetts and graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in International Maritime Business. Zackery was involved in the Regiment, and Student Government. Zack served as the Senior Class Vice-President, and 6th Company Commander while at the Academy. After working in Washington D.C. for two years advocating for Jones Act Domestic Vessel Operators, Zack accepted a position at UES Marine as their International Sales and Business Development Manager. Zack is now the Director of Business Development for Ballyhoo Media, a marine asset focused advertising organization. Zack’s hobbies include Golfing and Traveling.

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